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EGOI Portable Air Compressor w/ attachments

EGOI Portable Air Compressor w/ attachments

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Key Features of the EGOI Portable Air Compressor System:

- Choose Between 2 Powerful Motors: 7.0 CFM or 12.6 CFM: With a robust choice between a Single Motor version (7.0 CFM) or a Dual Motor at 12.6 cubic feet per minute (CFM) output, these compressors can tackle a wide range of tasks with ease, from inflating tires to powering pneumatic tools.

- Intuitive Control Panel: The integrated control panel puts you in command, allowing you to adjust settings and monitor performance effortlessly.

- Complete Kit: The EGOI System arrives with all you need for immediate action, including a storage bag for easy transport and storage.

- High-Quality Hose: A durable and high-quality hose is included, providing you with the flexibility and reach to accomplish various tasks.

- Versatile Attachments: The kit also contains a variety of attachments, ensuring that you're ready for any inflation or air supply task.

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