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Black Rhino Primm Beadlock

Black Rhino Primm Beadlock

Unleash your performance potential with the Black Rhino Primm Beadlock. The Primm's true beadlock construction allows hardcore adventurers and off-roaders to overcome obstacles easily. Air down with peace of mind and experience the Primm's unrivaled beadlock technology safeguarding your rig from tire-beading and slippage. Expanding on the Crawler Beadlockstyles, the Primm Beadlock wheel is engineered for 5-lug, 6-lug and 8-lug trucks. Available exclusively in 17x8.5 and four bold finishes: Matte Gold w/ Machined Ring, Matte Black w/ Black Bolts, Silver w/ Mirror Face & Machined Ring and Candy Red w/ Black Ring.

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