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Digital Tire Deflator, Digital Tire Gauge, 53 Tire Repair Kit Combo

Digital Tire Deflator, Digital Tire Gauge, 53 Tire Repair Kit Combo

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Allows the repair of the tire without removing it from the vehicle and saves you from having to pull the spare off the vehicle.

Features: Over-sized T Style Handle Reamer & Probe, Self-Vulcanized Plugs, Extended Heavy-Duty Needle Nose Pliers, Pencil Style Dual Pressure Gauge & Dual Chuck, Valve Repair Kit Which Includes Valve Cores, Plastic and Chrome Valve Caps, Tire Deflators & 4 Way Valve Tool Kit

Special: Self-vulcanizing plugs are the key to our kit. We start off with a 7.75” extra-long plug that can be used for the most extremely applications like a heavy-duty off-road tire or can be trimmed to accommodate a passenger car tire. This kit gives you flexibility either way and your better off having more than not enough.

Included: 20 Extra Long Vulcanized Plugs which is plenty, 6.75” Reamer, 6.75” Probe With Hand Guard, Heavy Duty Extended Needle Nose Pliers, 8.75 Full Extended Air Gauge, Automotive Grade Lubricant, Pencil Style Dual Valve Repair Kit Storage Box which has Four Chrome Caps, Four Plastic Caps, Four Valve Cores, Four Tire Deflators & one Four Way Valve Tool, two Allen keys and fits nicely in a high Impact Storage Case.

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